How to use room visualization in your marketing outreach

Shoppers who visualize your products are up to 5x more likely to purchase. Here are 10 real-world marketing examples to get more customers visualizing your products.

In the digital world that we live in, where more and more shoppers are either researching or purchasing products online, having a room visualizer on your home decor website is a must.

It’s not exactly a secret.

In fact, more than 5,000 home decor brands around the world are using Roomvo’s industry-leading room visualizer every day, increasing product engagement and sales by allowing consumers to preview floors, rugs, countertops, wall coverings, and paint in their own homes with the click of a button.  

But having a room visualizer is just the start.

To maximize the benefits, you should be doing everything you can to encourage usage because shoppers visualizing your products in their homes using Roomvo are up to 5x more likely to make a purchase. For some retailers and manufacturers, this has led to a 15% increase in annual sales.

So, how can you ensure you’re getting the most out of your visualizer?

Start by featuring it prominently on your homepage, as well as on your product pages, and if you’re a manufacturer, getting your retailers equipped with the visualizer through the Roomvo Partner Program. Then, explore different ways to include Roomvo in your marketing outreach.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are 10 real-world marketing examples from Roomvo partners.

1. Send out a press release and/or news article

Sending out a press release is a tried-and-tested method to get your crafted message in front of a targeted audience of industry leaders and potential customers.

Alliance Flooring, for example, announced their partnership with Roomvo in Floor Covering Weekly, helping them speak directly to retailers — their main customers — about the benefits of the program. The Home Depot, meanwhile, encouraged consumers to try out their Roomvo-powered visualizer with a news article released on their corporate website.

The Home Depot highlights how Roomvo “eliminates the need for physical samples,” calling it “truly game changing” for their customers.

2. Announce your room visualizer on social media

Knowing how big a role social media plays in influencing home decor shoppers, this one should be a no-brainer — especially, but not exclusively, if you sell products directly to consumers.

At minimum, you’ll want to promote your visualizer on social media at the time of its launch — ideally, incorporating some visuals of the platform to help the post stand out. It could be a short demonstration video, like this one from Daltile. Alternatively, many Roomvo partners opt for a simple mock-up or staged photo that shows a product being visualized through a cellphone.

This doesn’t have to be a one-off, either.

Engineered Floors, for example, still promotes their visualizer years after partnering with Roomvo, while Cali Floors has a post pinned at the top of their Instagram page for continued visibility.

As part of their “Stylizer” launch, Daltile released a 20-second demonstration video showing how users can swap out floors, countertops, and wall tiles to design the perfect space based on their style.

3. Make it an “event”

Rather than posting about your room visualizer in isolation, consider taking a more coordinated approach to help reach your customers at different touchpoints.

End of the Roll did so with a “Visualizer Event,” promoting their flooring visualizer with amusing 10, 15, and 30-second video ads, the hero image on their website homepage, and a Facebook cover photo, in addition to organic social posts.

To highlight the benefits of room visualization, End of the Roll focused on the challenge of selecting flooring samples in-store in this amusing TV commercial. 

4. Create how-to-resources

Sometimes, consumers are hesitant to try out room visualizers and similar tools because they’re too complex and come with barriers such as downloading an app or entering an email address.

Roomvo, on the other hand, has been lauded for its speed and ease of use. Users simply need to upload a photo of their room, from any device, and they’ll be able to visualize your products within seconds.

You can show your customers how easy it is with how-to sources laid out on a dedicated landing page, like this one from Marazzi. The page has a 90-second explainer video, step-by-step instructions with screenshots, and FAQs.

Marazzi’s “Stylizer” landing page can be accessed from the hero slider on their homepage, as well as from the “Style & Design” dropdown in their top navigation bar.

5. Run contests

You can always incentivize visualizer usage by offering prizing as part of a contest. That’s what HARO did for their visualizer launch, encouraging users to “make the world [their] home” by virtually laying down a floor in the location of their choice, such as a train platform.

The incentive?

An iPhone for the user with the most creative image.

HARO launched their room visualizer with a social media contest that generated millions of impressions, tens of thousands of new visitors to their website, and a 12x increase in online product views.

6. Encourage your influencers to use it

Whether they’re famous HGTV personalities, professional interior designers, or just DIYers who know how to create good content, social media influencers are a great way for brands to, well, influence a new and highly engaged audience of home decor enthusiasts. So, if you get your influencers using your visualizer, chances are many of their followers will do the same.

When Rust-Oleum Canada launched their pre-tinted paint collection, Colour Spark, all the influencers they worked with used Roomvo’s paint visualizer in their content, according to senior brand manager Rhoda Williams. Here’s an example from popular DIYers, The Sorry Girls, in a video that has been seen more than 300,000 times on YouTube.  

The Sorry Girls used Roomvo’s new and improved paint visualizer, available on the Colour Spark website, to select a paint colour for their bathroom makeover.

7. Communicate new features

One of the key benefits of outsourcing your room visualization to Roomvo is that you’re not getting access to a stagnant tool, but one that continues to build upon its own technology.

“They’re persistently adding features that only improve the experience for the end consumer,” said Lauryn Little, digital marketing manager at Engineered Floors.

Since this is part of what sets your Roomvo-powered visualizer apart, it only makes sense to communicate new features as they’re implemented.

For instance, Quickstyle put out a social post introducing the compare feature, which makes it easy for customers to see before-and-after room scenes or compare two flooring options side by side.

And MSI distributed a press release highlighting Roomvo’s new multi-surface visualizer — the first of its kind — that allows consumers to visualize floors, countertops, and wall coverings within a single user experience.

Quickstyle used the addition of Roomvo’s new compare feature, shown here in action, as an opportunity to direct more users to their room visualizer.

8. Bring the visualization experience into the showroom

If you have a brick-and-mortar storefront or showroom, that’s probably where you’ll find some of your most motivated shoppers. Bringing the visualization experience to them can help drive on-the-spot sales, while serving as the ultimate closing tool for your RSAs.

So, how does this work in a showroom?

You can place Roomvo QR codes on product signage and displays, as a starting point. Rust-Oleum Canada went a step further and placed a QR code on the front of every can of Colour Spark paint. When a customer scans the code with their phone, it opens up that specific colour in the visualizer.

Additionally, with Roomvo Kiosk, customers can use the visualizer on large touchscreen terminals and get access to your entire product catalogue — beyond the samples you have in store.

There’s a QR code on the front of every can of Colour Spark paint, linking directly to that specific colour in the visualizer.

9. Showcase it at tradeshows

Every year, thousands of home decor brands and industry professionals come together at various trade shows eager to learn about the latest trends, innovations, and tools that could help their business. If you’re a manufacturer, it’s the perfect setting to market your room visualizer — and, by consequence, your products — to retailers, distributors, and contractors alike.

Who knows, you might even win an award.

Daltile had a booth set up showcasing their Roomvo-powered Stylizer at the Surfaces 2023 TileExpo tradeshow, encouraging customers to link to the visualizer through QR codes throughout their booth. Thanks to their efforts, the manufacturer won “Best of Technology” award at the show.

Daltile showcased their Stylizer with a large display at the Surfaces 2023 TileExpo tradeshow.

10. Have fun!

“This is fun.”

That’s the most common response from customers who use the Roomvo visualizer, according to Floor-It Nebraska. So, you should have fun with it, too!

Consider giving a popular location in your market a virtual makeover using the visualizer, as Flooret did with this local coffee shop. Or encourage your media partners and influencers to come up with their own creative ideas — Floor Covering Weekly had their staff visualize Marazzi products in their own homes.

The possibilities are endless.

As Flooret noted in their caption, sometimes it can be fun to take the room visualizer out of the house.

Make the most of your room visualizer

Ultimately, a room visualizer will be what you make of it. You can’t just let it sit on your website and hope for the best. Well, you can, but then it wouldn’t be reaching its full potential. Set yourself up for success by including Roomvo in your marketing outreach, and the sales will soon follow.

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    Farhan Devji is a published author and content writer who’s written for some of Canada’s biggest newspapers and worked in communications/marketing for close to a decade. His new book, Alphonso Davies: A New Hope, was published in May 2023 with ECW Press.

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