Welcome to a new sample experience

Supercharge sales and build customer confidence with 3D virtual samples.

Elevate your merchandising game

Roomvo’s hyperrealistic virtual samples are transforming the retail and manufacturing landscape, offering an unprecedented advantage in showcasing and selling products. By allowing customers to zoom in for close-ups and explore products under various lighting conditions, Virtual Samples gives shoppers easy access to the samples they really need, empowering them to make quick and confident purchasing decisions.

See samples like never before, in 3D

Step into a world of hyperrealism where your shoppers can examine products as if they were physically in hand.

A brand new perspective on product samples

With Roomvo’s Virtual Samples, the waiting game for physical samples is now a thing of the past. Shoppers can instantly access the digital versions, opening up a brand new perspective on product exploration.

Unparalleled detail and customization

Allow shoppers to get up close and personal with your products, zooming in for details like texture and thickness and exploring your products under natural and artificial lighting conditions.

What shoppers want, when they want it

Roomvo Virtual Samples delivers an intimate experience with your products anytime, anywhere, without the limitations of physical samples. Bring the entire showroom to your shoppers’ fingertips and help them choose products with confidence.

Unleash operational efficiency

Say goodbye to the expenses and logistical challenges of physical samples. Roomvo’s Virtual Samples save retailers time and money by providing a digital alternative that can be easily accessed and shared.

What our customers are saying


More than 5,000 retailers and manufacturers around the world trust Roomvo to showcase their products. Here’s why.

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Easy setup

Let us do the legwork. We’ll have your catalog up and running in minutes.

Access to brands

Choose from over 100 brands to showcase.

Simple to use

Optimized for all devices. No apps to download and no instructions to read.

Multi-language platform

Roomvo supports dozens of languages including English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and more.

Instant results

Shoppers can snap a photo of their room and browse your products in seconds.

Always innovating

New features are added regularly to enhance the shopping experience, online and in-store.

True to your brand

For a seamless shopping experience, our visualizer is customized with your brand colours, fonts, logos and more.