A new era of immersive shopping

Bring visualization into the showroom to create exceptional shopping experiences that drive revenue.

The future of showroom innovation is here

Roomvo Kiosk brings Roomvo’s industry-leading visualization platform into the showroom. Shoppers can curate their own list of preferred products and see their selection come to life on the big screen, in seconds. With your extensive product catalog at their fingertips, customers can embark on a design journey alongside your knowledgeable sales staff or explore independently, resulting in heightened product engagement, faster purchase decisions, and a community of delighted, loyal customers.

Give your competitors something to be jealous about.

Designed to enhance the in-store shopping experience, Roomvo Kiosk brings your products to life on an interactive touchscreen display.

Larger than life

Keep shoppers in the showroom longer with immersive digital experiences. The giant interactive screen is perfect for self-service shopping and collaboration with your sales team. 

Move sales over the finish line

Give your customers the confidence to commit. After seeing your products visualized in their homes, shoppers are up to 5x more likely to purchase.

Endless aisle

Centralizing your online and in-store product catalog on a self-serve terminal gives your customers access to your entire product suite, beyond the samples you have in store.

Scan it. See it. Buy it

Transform your customers mobile phone into QR scanners, making it easy for them to curate a list of favorites that excite them. In seconds, the room scene will come to life showcasing your product(s) in the customer’s space.

Share and save

If shoppers aren’t ready to purchase on the spot, they can send a list of their favourite products to view at home or share with friends. Your sales team will receive a copy of the email with the customer’s contact info and their list of SKUs. Who doesn’t love warm leads?

Advanced privacy features

Privacy is paramount. That’s why Roomvo Kiosk automatically times out after 5 minutes of inactivity and clears customer data at the end of each session.

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Create exceptional shopping experiences, everytime.

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Next-level room visualization

Roomvo delivers realistic, accurate results in seconds.

All your products, all in one place

Give customers access to your entire product catalog — in-store and online.

Exceptional customer support

From launch through continued optimization, our expert team is ready to assist.

Always innovating

New features are added regularly to enhance the in-store shopping experience.