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Help shoppers find the perfect colours for their homes.

As real as it gets.

Discover the transformative power of colour with Roomvo. Our cutting-edge platform provides ultra-realistic, personalized shopping experiences that boost engagement and inspire confident decisions. With Roomvo, shoppers can compare colours, analyze lighting, shadows, surface textures, and more, envisioning their perfect space with unwavering confidence.

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Snap a picture of your room, upload it to Roomvo, and see endless design options. It’s that simple.

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Ready to make a bold statement?

Roomvo’s next-level realism delivers up to 4x engagement and 5x conversions for paint retailers and manufacturers.

Paint with precision

With Roomvo’s innovations, shoppers can apply paint to walls in the visualizer just like they would in real life. Smooth edges, lifelike detail and high-quality imagery, delivered to the shopper’s device in a matter of seconds.

Multiple walls. Numerous colours. Zero problems

Roomvo automatically detects individual surfaces, enabling you to apply different colours to different walls in a single visualization experience.

More than just paint

For big renovation projects, shoppers need to see how colours will look with new flooring, countertops and backsplashes too. Roomvo presents the complete picture in a single seamless experience, encouraging your shoppers to explore new design possibilities.

Compare and contrast

Get to “yes” faster by making it easy for customers to see before-and-after room scenes or compare multiple colours side-by-side.

Highlight products with ease

Promote enticing offers or highlight top-selling products with Roomvo’s promotional tags feature. Designed to catch your customers’ attention, tags allow you to mark product thumbnails on your website with labels such as “In-stock”, “On-sale”, and “Bestseller”.

Insights that matter

Gain insight into buyer behaviours and make informed business decisions. Roomvo’s self-serve data analytics portal delivers detailed insights, such as how many times your products been viewed.

Roomvo Pro analytics page

Transform the in-store experience

Allow shoppers to browse at their own pace. Create, print and place Roomvo QR Codes on product displays throughout the showroom to give instant access to the visualizer.

Bring your product pages to life

With our Roomvo Direct feature, offer an interactive and personalized shopping experience like never before. Once a shopper uploads a photo, their visualized room appears on every product page explored. Go beyond standard product images, give the ability to move, rotate, and zoom to create an immersive product journey ready to dominate the digital shelf.

Turn shoppers into buyers

Capture customer contact details with special offers or the option to book an appointment.

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Roomvo helps retailers and manufacturers achieve as many as 4x product views and up to 5x more conversions.

Image of wooden Roomvo living room floor with green couch
Exceptional customer support

Our dedicated team is ready to guide you every step of the way.

Easy setup

Simple product onboarding.

Device optimization

Optimized for all devices. No apps to download and no instructions to read.

Multi-language capabilities

Roomvo supports dozens of languages including English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and more.

Always innovating

New features are added regularly to the platform to enhance the virtual and in-store shopping experience.

True to your brand

For a seamless user experience, our visualizer is branded with your colours, fonts, logos and more.

Self-serve access

Manage products, make edits, and update your branding through our user-friendly customer portal.