5,000+ places to sell your products

Put your products in the hands of your most important customers — your retailers.

Partners make more possible

Expand your reach with the Roomvo Partner Program (RPP). RPP makes manufacturer products available to our network of 5,000+ retailers — and their customers. As a valued partner, your products will be seamlessly integrated into our visualizer and catalog, making them accessible to all retailers using Roomvo’s innovative platform. And if your retailers aren’t on board yet, they can sign up for free through your membership. What better way to add value to your dealer relationships — and give them the best technology to showcase your products.

Why RPP?

The answer is simple. Unparralled opportunities to enhance your brand visibility, expand market reach, and elevate your customers’ shopping experience.

Accelerate revenue growth

When shoppers visualize your products in their own space, they’re five times more likely to purchase. RPP broadens reach, driving more product views and engagement, ultimately boosting sales for you and your retail partners.

Instant access to our retailer network

Gain access to 5,000+ retailers to showcase and sell your products. That means more product demand, more leads, and more predictable revenue.

Grow your digital presence

Ensure your entire product catalog is available and up-to-date on the channel where almost all homeowners start their buying journey — the retailer’s website.

Invest in your retail partners

Relationship building is core to RPP. Provide extra value to your retailers with access to our dedicated support team, exclusive Roomvo events, valuable marketing resources and complimentary product and sales training.

Create omnichannel shopping experiences

Roomvo QR Codes and Roomvo Kiosk make it incredibly easy for retailers to bring visualization into the showroom. A more engaging experience keeps shoppers in stores longer, boosts product engagement, enables more meaningful conversations and ultimately leads to increased sales.

Discover how we can work together to achieve more

A solution for every retailer

Free or fully loaded? There’s a Roomvo product to suit every retailer’s room visualization needs.

Roomvo Platform Integration

As the exclusive visualization partner for the industry’s largest buying groups and digital marketing agencies, we’ve established unrivaled connections. If you collaborate with any of our partners or have retailers with websites built by our affiliated digital marketing agencies, RPP can instantly expand your reach by adding your products to their room visualizers. Our partners include CCA, Abbey/Floors to Go, Floors and More, NFA, FCA, Starnet and Mobile Marketing.

Roomvo Assistant

A free, easy-to-install widget that puts Roomvo on any retailer’s website in less than 5 minutes.

Roomvo Catalog

Seamlessly integrated into any website, Roomvo Catalog allows retailers to showcase their entire product line, digitally.

Roomvo Sites

Professionally built websites designed with the home improvement industry in mind.

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