QFloors’ QConnect revolutionizes lead management — and it’s free for flooring dealers who use Roomvo

Every lead lost is money wasted. QConnect brings Roomvo and QFloors even closer to help you make the most of every sales opportunity.

As a flooring dealer, leads are your most valuable asset — and a lot of them come from your website.

87% of shoppers research flooring products online before visiting a showroom, so it’s crucial you’re making the right first impression. 

Stunning visuals, detailed descriptions, and inspiring technologies like room visualization — all these features have a huge impact on how many visitors decide to reach out for more information or book an appointment at your showroom.

And once you’ve secured the lead, you need to do everything you can to make the most of it. Every sales opportunity wasted is money down the drain, so how can you track every lead, ensure they’re followed up on properly, and maximize your chances of conversion?

Enter QFloors, user-friendly software specifically designed to streamline operations for flooring dealers. By tracking leads, inventory, accounting, ordering, scheduling, costing, billing and taxes, QFloors empowers flooring dealers to easily understand and manage the fundamentals of their business. 

And now, the new QConnect integration brings Roomvo and QFloors even closer together, making lead generation, tracking and conversion easier and more successful for every flooring dealer. 

Better still, the QConnect integration is free of charge for Roomvo customers (a value of $600 per year).

Cutting-edge technology, accessible to everyone

Roomvo and QFloors forged a partnership in 2021 based on a shared vision: deliver affordable, cutting-edge technology designed with the flooring dealer in mind.

“Both companies are a voice for keeping things competitive in the industry,” said Chad Ogden, president and owner at QFloors. “We got into this business because flooring dealers didn’t have a lot of choice. Companies were charging outrageous prices and doing very little to advance their products. I think we’ve forced a change. Like Roomvo, we’re spending a lot of money on new tech and development to push things forward.”

Both companies also understand and cater to the needs of independent dealers, who may lack technical expertise.

“The independent dealer has very specific needs,” said Brandon Shidlowski, senior director of strategy at Roomvo. “They work incredibly hard, but they want to focus on what they do best — selling floors. In that pursuit, we set out to give independent dealers powerful technology that was both easy to implement and use.”

“We got into this business because flooring dealers didn’t have a lot of choice. I think we’ve forced a change,” said Chad Ogden, president and owner at QFloors.

Make the most of every lead

To maximize ease of use, the new QConnect integration brings Roomvo and QFloors even closer together by storing all leads generated in Roomvo in one place on the QFloors platform.

Lead generation starts on the front end, where Roomvo provides as many avenues as possible for shoppers to get in touch with dealers: a “Contact Us” button in the top right corner of every Roomvo Site, a “Request an Estimate” call-to-action on every product display page (PDP), pop-ups that appear after customers have spent a while in the visualizer, and more.

“Our platform is designed to drive more leads every step of the way,” said Shidlowski. “Capturing the lead is just the first step. You need a way to easily track and manage those leads — and a clear process for converting them into sales”.

Once the lead is captured, QFloors’ software takes over. Whether they’re from the website, social media, digital marketing, or showroom walk-ins, leads from all sources are centralized on QFloors’ CRM, minimizing double entry. More importantly, QFloors allows dealers to monitor leads and market to prospects, as well as track the return on investment (ROI) when the lead is closed.

“We bring all these leads into a centralized area where we can track them so RSAs can be held accountable for following up,” said Ogden. “You can tell when the lead is closed, how much it’s closed for, what the customer purchased, and exactly where the lead came from.”

QFloors allows dealers to monitor leads and market to prospects, as well as track the return on investment (ROI) when the lead is closed.

How to sign up

The QConnect integration is the first step in accomplishing everything both Roomvo and QFloors have set out to do: make lead generation and conversion tracking easier and more accessible to every flooring dealer, no matter their tech expertise.

“Roomvo and QFloors are committed to bringing our systems as close together as possible. We have some incredibly exciting plans for the near future that will enhance the showroom experience while making it easier than ever for dealers to get more value out of both platforms,” said Shidlowski.

For dealers partnered with both Roomvo and QFloors, you can get the QConnect completely free of charge (a value of $600 per year). 

To get started, just reach out to your QFloors contact to let them know you’re a Roomvo customer, and they’ll get you set up immediately.

For dealers partnered with just one platform — or neither — click the links below to book a demo:

Sign up for Roomvo

Sign up for QFloors

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