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Create powerful shopping experiences that drive results

With Roomvo’s award-winning visualization technology at its core, Roomvo Kiosk maximizes every in-store customer visit. Whether being used for customer collaboration or as a self-serve unit to explore your full product catalog, Roomvo Kiosk brings better engagement, quicker purchase decisions and more product satisfaction.

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Merchandising reimagined for the modern store

Designed to enhance the in-store shopping environment, Roomvo Kiosk makes it easy for customers to see your products in their own home before leaving your showroom.

Giant touchscreen*

Oversized interactive screen boosts product engagement, keeping shoppers in the store longer, and enabling more meaningful conversations with your sales team.

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Centralized product catalog

Centralizing your online and in-store product catalog on a self-serve terminal gives your customers access to your entire product suite, not just in-store samples.

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Integrated QR code scanning

Allowing customers to use their mobile device to create a list of their favourite products to be visualized on the kiosk makes it easy for customers to see your products in their homes, leading to quicker purchasing decisions and improved customer satisfaction.

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Visualization visit summary

Share and save. If customers aren’t ready to purchase on the spot, they can share the images they created with themselves or loved ones. This powerful feature extends the shopping experience beyond the physical store, making it easy for you to follow up with your most promising leads.

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How does Roomvo Kiosk work?

Simple software setup has you up and running within 10 minutes.


Use a phone to scan QR codes on samples and upload to the visualizer.


Upload a photo of the room to the kiosk to see it visualized with chosen products.


Either place an order or get a link to view the products at home.

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Here’s what our customers are saying about Roomvo

This technology engages consumers and designers like nothing we’ve seen before. The ease of use and lifelike results speed up the selection process and generate excitement in the end user, which translates into quickly closed sales.

Danny Harrington, VP Marketing, Galleher 

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*The “Roomvo Kiosk” is a version of Roomvo software, designed to be used on a piece of hardware (a “Kiosk”) located in a physical, commercial space (e.g., at the premises of a retailer or manufacturer), for use by potential customers, sales representatives and other personnel. Leap Tools is not in the business of manufacturing, selling, or purchasing Kiosks, and is not affiliated with any Kiosk suppliers. Any references to hardware specs and features are only recommendations. Visit // for our terms of use.