Big-screen debut: Roomvo Kiosk set to transform in-store experience

Roomvo is revolutionizing in-store retail with the launch of Roomvo Kiosk, the newest version of our award-winning visualization technology, specially designed for use with a touchscreen terminal.

We’re making our big-screen debut today.

We’re excited to announce the launch of Roomvo Kiosk, the latest version of our award-winning Roomvo visualizer built specifically for a touchscreen terminal. Designed to remove the friction from showroom shopping, Roomvo Kiosk helps buyers move from inspiration to the checkout seamlessly.

“Our mission is to help retailers across the home decor industry create exceptional experiences that drive results,” said Brandon Shidlowski, senior director of strategy at Roomvo. “Right now we’re focusing on how we can bring the power of visualization in-store. Roomvo Kiosk is a smart way to do just that.”

Set to transform the showroom experience, Roomvo Kiosk is built to foster both in-store collaboration and self-serve experiences. Enabling customers to see your full product catalog visualized in their homes helps shoppers make better-informed decisions, while retailers like you enjoy increased engagement, quicker purchase decisions and better product satisfaction.

Transforming the in-store experience

The demand for digital experiences in the showroom is growing, and Roomvo Kiosk helps retailers deliver with ease.

Roomvo Kiosk is simple for shoppers to use. After scanning product QR codes around the showroom, shoppers upload a photo of their room to the kiosk to see how their selected products could look in their homes.

What’s more, If shoppers aren’t ready to make a purchase after their session, they can email themselves the visualized images to view again later.

Merchandising reimagined for the modern store

Let’s check out some of Roomvo Kiosk’s key features.

Giant touchscreen

Oversized interactive screen boosts product engagement, keeping shoppers in the store longer and enabling more meaningful conversations with your sales team.

Centralized product catalog

Centralizing your online and in-store product catalogs on a self-serve terminal allows your customers to access all your products in one place. For businesses, that means increased sales and customer loyalty.

Integrated QR code scanning

Shoppers can use their own mobile device to curate a list of their favourite products to view at the kiosk. By making it even easier for customers to see your products in their homes, you can achieve quicker purchasing decisions and greater customer satisfaction.

Visualization visit summary

Share and save. If shoppers aren’t ready to make a purchase on the spot, they can share the images they created with themselves or a loved one. This powerful feature extends the shopping experience beyond the physical store, which also makes it easy for you to follow up with your most promising leads.

Transform the showroom experience with Roomvo Kiosk

Roomvo Kiosk is available to order today in North America, with launch in Europe set for fall 2023.

To find out more about bringing visualization into the showroom, contact the Roomvo team.

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