How Roomvo Kiosk transformed the showroom experience for Seland’s

Shopping for flooring is no easy task, but the new Roomvo Kiosk has made decisions easier for shoppers. And for Seland’s, it’s been a game changer.

Founded in 1989, Seland’s offers the largest selection of flooring in the Fergus Falls and Lakes area of Minnesota. The family-owned retailer prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service, offering expert, one-on-one advice on the latest trends, styles, and technologies for flooring, tile, carpet and more.

To enhance their customer experience even further, Seland’s partnered with Roomvo in 2020 to bring cutting-edge room visualization to their website. In July 2023, Seland’s became one of the first retailers to introduce Roomvo Kiosk into the showroom, bringing its extensive product range to life on a touchscreen display. 

Earlier this month, we sat down with owner Rich Seland to talk about the difference Roomvo Kiosk has made to his business.

What challenges were you facing before you partnered with Roomvo?

Getting customers to picture their renovations with just samples has always been challenging. They’d often ask if we had any room photos to get some inspiration. But honestly, it was more of a way to spark their ideas. They still had to lean pretty heavily on their imagination.

I first encountered Roomvo at a convention, where I immediately saw the potential for bringing our products to life. Customers could go to our website, upload a photo of their room, and see all our flooring visualized in their space. The kiosk really caught my eye too. It was a feature I hadn’t seen before, and I was very interested in bringing one into our showroom to improve the overall experience.

How has Roomvo Kiosk improved your showroom experience?

It really helps their imagination. When they can see our flooring options on the big screen, their eyes light up, especially if they’ve uploaded a photo of their room. It’s given our customers another reason to purchase from us, and it’s definitely an advantage that we have over our competitors.

How do you use Roomvo Kiosk as part of your sales process?

A lot of the time, customers see a product on our website, and they want to come into the showroom to see it in person. They usually give us a call first. At that point, we encourage customers bring in a photo of their room so that they can try out this new feature.

When the customer comes into the showroom, we start with a one-on-one consultation so we can learn more about what they’re looking for. Then, we’ll walk around the showroom and pick up a few samples that fit their needs. We take the samples to the kiosk, lay them out on the floor, and say, “Hey, do you want to see this in your room now?”

Then, we’ll upload the customer’s room photo to the kiosk and scan the QR codes on the samples to bring the products up on the big screen. It creates a lot of excitement. People are amazed by it.

Roomvo QR Codes are attached to every sample in the store, so staff and shoppers can scan them with a cell phone and see them visualized on Roomvo Kiosk.
How has Roomvo Kiosk helped collaboration between customers and your team?

It’s a really fun experience. It’s not just the customers who are excited, but our sales team too. They know they’re working with cutting-edge technology. And not many stores are utilizing room visualization right now, so it’s something we’ve really differentiated ourselves with.

You have a big product selection online, but not all of your products are stocked in-store. How has Roomvo Kiosk helped you with this challenge?

Sometimes customers will come into the store having seen a product online, but we don’t have it in the showroom and we don’t have physical samples. But almost every product is on the kiosk now, so we can show our customers what each one of our products will look like in their homes — even if we’re missing the sample — and then order it in if they want to purchase.

Purchasing flooring is a big investment. How does Roomvo Kiosk give customers reassurance that they’re making the right decision?

It’s about helping customers and letting them know that they have our support. Once our sales reps have taken the time to ask the right questions and show them how their renovations will look on the kiosk, they feel a lot more confident. They feel like, “This is my store, this is my community — I’m not going anywhere else.”

Roomvo Kiosk shows how products will look in the customer’s home, giving them the confidence they need to purchase.
For customers who don’t purchase on the spot, how has Roomvo Kiosk helped you follow up on potential sales?

We can email customers the visualization images so that they can share them with family and friends. At that point, we get the customer’s contact details too, so we can follow up with the customer by phone or email if we haven’t heard from them in a while. It’s been really successful. So far, there’s only been one customer who didn’t eventually purchase.

It’s a helpful tool for interior designers too. We’ve had a few designers come into the store who were shopping for their customers, and they wanted us to email them the products and the room scenes so they could show their clients. Since then, they’ve been giving us more and more business.

What feedback have you had from customers on Roomvo Kiosk?

It’s been nothing but positive. You can see the reaction in their faces — their eyes widen and they have a big smile. And they’re definitely more likely to purchase.

How has it been working with Roomvo overall?

I’ve been really impressed with the company. Anytime we have a question, we get an immediate response from our customer care rep Brett. 

I also like that Roomvo keeps improving and rolling out new features. It’s been a great partnership and a massive benefit for our company so far. We’re looking forward to many years of partnership in the future.

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