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Your visitors snap a photo, and we showcase your products in their room in seconds.

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Shoppers can buy confidently, knowing that your products will match and fit their space.

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Optimized for all devices. No apps to download and no instructions to read.

Fast and easy setup for vendors

Easy setup

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  • Your products and your branding
  • Customizable sample rooms
  • Integration with your Google Analytics

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This technology engages consumers and designers like nothing we’ve seen before. The ease of use and life-like results speed the selection process and generate excitement in the end user that translates into quickly closed sales.

Danny Harrington, VP, Marketing, Galleher

One of our sales reps just made a $4,500 sale in 10 minutes after using Roomvo to show how the product would look in the customer’s home.

Allan Alexanian, Owner, Alexanian Carpet & Flooring

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